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Election years bring change and complexity to the health policy landscape in Congress and the executive branch.

McDermott+Consulting is here to help you navigate the legislative and regulatory environment and prepare you for what’s around the corner for health policy. This resource center provides information on key topics related to the 2024 election and its impact on health policymaking.

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This map tracks Senate races in 2024, noting which senators are up for reelection and which states have open seats due to incumbents not seeking reelection (or incumbents retiring), as well as upcoming primary dates or challengers for each race.

Click an orange state for an overview of that state’s Senate race. To download a summary of all Senate races, click below.


Spoiler? How a Third-Party Candidate Could Play an Outsized Role in This Election

Updated April 22 — What difference does a third-party candidate make in a United States presidential election? Debra Curtis and Rodney Whitlock explore the increased focus on Robert Kennedy, Jr. and his potential to win votes away from the major party candidates, which could be a deciding factor in a number of states.


Calendar of Primaries and Key Dates for Health Policy

Updated May 21 — Download and print our handy calendar of primaries and key dates for health policy to stay on top of important deadlines for healthcare extenders, key primary dates and more.

Little Things Could Mean a Lot in the Upcoming Presidential Election

Updated April 5 Debra Curtis and Rodney Whitlock explore how the presidential election is likely to come down to the outcomes in six states, where at least once in the last two presidential cycles, at least one presidential election was decided by about as many people as fit in a major league ballpark.

Chart of Key Senate Races in 2024

Updated March 27 — With one-third of the Senate up for election every two years and many senators in safe seats where re-election is likely, this chart tracks the key races that may determine control of the Senate (based on various ratings).

The Battle for the Senate, 2024 Edition

The eight most competitive 2024 Senate races are seats held by Democrats, who currently have a 51 to 49 Senate majority. Read our breakdown of these races and how they might intertwine with the presidential election.

Congressional Retirement Tracker

Updated April 1 — Download our tracker of announced retirements from the Senate and House of Representatives. This tracker also notes if a legislator is seeking higher office as well as vacancies due to resignation/expulsion, with special election dates.

House and Senate Health Committee Membership Tracker

Updated March 27 — Committee membership is important for stakeholders to appropriately target advocacy. Download this document that tracks membership of key health committees in the House of Representatives and the Senate, noting who is not returning to office and competitive races.

Potential Election Year Shakeup: Regulatory Implications of the Congressional Review Act

Updated February 29 — With the federal elections looming, Leigh Feldman explores the Congressional Review Act and how it might impact the current administration’s regulatory agenda.

2024 Chart of Additional Healthcare Regulations

Updated February 21 — Download our chart displaying health related regulations that may be issued this year, organized by federal agency and date of potential release.

An Election for the Ages: Conventional Wisdom Versus Historical Context

Updated February 15 We anticipate a hotly contested presidential election and intense battle for Congress in 2024 – and before those races get under way, it is worth taking a moment to consider the conventional wisdom, historical context and, frankly, the unconventional times in which we live.

Regulatory Calendar: CMS Payment Rules for 2024

Updated January 26 — Download our regulatory calendar detailing the expected timeline for release, comment period and finalization of the annual Medicare and Marketplace rules.

Healthcare Extenders in an Election Year

Updated March 27 — Download our chart that tracks healthcare programs requiring congressional action between now and 2032, and highlights related recent congressional action on each.

Regs During an Election Year: What’s on the Menu?

In the January 25 edition of Regs & Eggs, Jeffrey Davis and Leigh Feldman discuss the beginning stages of the Biden administration’s regulatory agenda during this election year, including some of the recent regs and initiatives that have been released.

Health Policy Outlook for 2024

Many factors will affect health policy this year—funding the federal government, a closely divided congress, a new speaker of the house and a presidential election year, to name a few. Download our report to learn what’s ahead for health policy in 2024.

Three Variables That Will Influence the 2024 Presidential Election

We anticipate that, by Election Day, people are as likely to say they’re voting against a candidate as they are to say that they’re voting for someone they support. With that in mind, we believe three variables will be extremely influential on the campaigns and, ultimately, the election outcome.

Looking Forward: Top Policy Areas for 2024

In the January 4 edition of Regs & Eggs, Jeffrey Davis, Rachel Stauffer, Kayla Holgash and Deborah Godes lay out some of the main regulatory issues (both new and old) that McDermottPlus will be tracking over the next year.


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