Eric Zimmerman Previews Health Issues in the Upcoming Midterm Elections

Regardless of the midterm outcomes, health care policy will remain nationally prevalent. Former Congressman Jeff Miller sits down with Eric Zimmerman, to consider the ACA’s fate, state-level Medicaid expansion & prescription drug pricing

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McDermottPlus Check-Up: October 19, 2018

This Week’s Diagnoses: All eyes are on the midterm election, now less than three weeks away. The House and Senate are out; the Administration continues to release health-related regulations and announcements.

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Assessing the Vulnerability of the Codes Under the Physician Fee Schedule

This analysis identifies over 366 codes vulnerable to potentially significant payment reductions because their rate is tied predominantly to a single input.

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McDermottPlus persuaded the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to revise Medicare laboratory “Date of Service” regulations.

Codes currently eligible for exception to DOS rule


McDermottPlus assessed the policy pathway and operational feasibility to scale up group prenatal care, and designed alternative payment models to facilitate implementation.

States that already have the CenteringPregnancy model of Group Prenatal Care


On behalf of a coalition of leading global manufacturers of blood glucose monitoring systems, McDermottPlus successfully advanced legislation intended to improve market access and patient choice under the Medicare Competitive Bidding Program.

Reduction in Medicare payment amount for diabetes test strips since 2012

Resource Centers

Dedicated resource libraries for clients and partner organizations.

Payment Innovation
Resource Center

A library of content about Medicare payment transformation initiatives. Includes original analysis, major regulations, agency guidance, program announcements and other primary source documents.

Resource Center

A collection of primary source materials about laboratory diagnostics regulation and payment, including original analysis, Medicare rates, rulemakings, final determinations and other items of interest.

Health Reform 2.0
Resource Center

A collection of primary source content about the Affordable Care Act and efforts to repeal and replace the law.


Meet our Consultants

Albert Kusi-Appiah

Analyzes quantitative data and evaluates economic impact.

Deborah R. Godes

Advises clients on reimbursement and policy strategy.

Sheila Madhani

Advises clients on reimbursement policy strategy.

Paul Radensky, M.D.

A board certified internal medicine physician and lawyer who is recognized as a Medicare law and policy authority.

Adaeze Enekwechi, Ph.D.

Extensive contacts and deep understanding of federal health policies.

Eric Zimmerman

A recognized Medicare law and policy authority and registered lobbyist.

Christine Song

Analyzes quantitative data and evaluates the economic impact.

John Warren

A highly experienced Medicare veteran and former CMS director.

Mara McDermott

An accomplished health care executive with a deep understanding of federal health care law and policy.

Rachel Stauffer

A highly experienced government relations and legislative affairs strategist and advocate.

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