Designing Alternative Payment Models and Assessing Implementation Pathways for Group Prenatal Care

January 01, 2000


McDermottPlus completed a nationwide assessment of the policy pathway and operational feasibility necessary to scale up group prenatal care models to improve birth outcomes. Specifically, we examined the payment policy environment, operational and financial feasibility, and scientific evidence to support a group model for prenatal care.

McDermottPlus analyzed publicly available national data, interviewed a large number of key national and regional stakeholders, and examined specific innovative payment policies at the national, state and private payer level. For our client, we delivered a report and presentation with recommendations focused on the Medicaid population, operational considerations that support changes in the prenatal care delivery model, and specific advanced payment models to support improving birth outcomes using the group prenatal care model.

As a result, our client engaged its stakeholders differently around payment policy changes and refined its target audience for near-term adoption goals to include Medicaid directors.

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