Crafting Legislative Solutions in Response to Market Access Issues

January 26, 2000


Working on behalf of a collaboration of leading global manufacturers of blood glucose monitoring systems experiencing market access barriers, McDermottPlus first assessed the root cause of the problem and identified the causal relationships to Medicare’s Competitive Bidding Program. We developed a package of proposed program changes designed to lower barriers and improve access, and worked with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services and key stakeholders to build consensus around those proposals.

When it became clear that agency action would be insufficient, McDermottPlus translated those proposals into legislative specifications and worked with congressional offices to craft legislation requiring changes to the Medicare Competitive Bidding Program. Our work included drafting legislative specifications and supporting materials, coordinating client and stakeholder lobbying activities, drafting testimony, hosting congressional briefings and supporting congressional processes. McDermottPlus secured congressional support to introduce the language and worked to generate cosponsors and build committee and leadership support, culminating in § 50414 of the 2018 Bipartisan Budget Act, one of the act’s most comprehensive sections.

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