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Healthcare Preview: Week of October 25, 2021

Big Week in Washington

Can Both Reconciliation and the Bipartisan Infrastructure Package Get Done This Week? Democrats are trying to meet the self-imposed October 31 deadline to pass both the reconciliation human infrastructure package (the Build Back Better Act) and the bipartisan infrastructure package. The multitrillion-dollar question is whether both, or either, can be achieved by the end of this week. The answer is still up in the air. A top-line framework of the reconciliation package is not yet released, but there are reports of provisions that are in, reduced or out. For example, a number of tax-related provisions have fallen out of the package, the Medicare dental benefit appears on thin ice, but it is possible it could be converted to a voucher benefit; a temporary extension of the advanced premium tax credits and coverage for states that failed to expand Medicaid looks likely; a scaled-back version of Medicare prescription drug pricing negotiation, and some amount of funding for home and community-based services. Details remain unclear, and also the details on potential health care payfors have been notably quiet as well

It is highly unlikely that text and vote on the Build Back Better reconciliation package will be done this week. However, it is possible that a framework of the package is outlined this week. If so, this framework could allow for a vote on the Bipartisan Infrastructure Package before the end of the week which is President Biden’s priority.

Governor Races Pressuring Democrats to Get Packages Done. Democrats also want to move the Bipartisan Infrastructure Package and the Build Back Better reconciliation package this week, to help with the Virginia and New Jersey Governor races next week. The Virginia Governor race is close, and Democrats want to use any momentum gained from the packages to support a Democratic win.

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