Zimmerman on Health Care Legislation and Regulation 2015

January 02, 2015


ACA debate — both symbolic and substantive — seems likely to persist in 2015 as an emboldened GOP takes full control of Congress and the U.S. Supreme Court hears a case that could touch off a mad scramble to save the law. On the symbolic side, Republicans are all but certain to hold new repeal votes targeting the ACA, despite the virtual guarantee of a White House veto. “For sure, Republicans will have to make a run at repealing the ACA outright … to make good on the campaign promise,” McDermott+Consulting LLC principal Eric Zimmerman said


SGR Repeal Returns Yet Again
Only three months remain before Congress must decide whether to repeal Medicare’s physician payment formula, the sustainable growth rate, or instead pass yet another “doc fix” to keep rates stable temporarily. The price tag is more than $100 billion, which forces lawmakers to make painful cuts elsewhere or drive up the deficit. Some observers say the matter is complicated further because most Americans don’t exactly see doctors as strapped for cash. “The optics of it are bad,” Zimmerman said, predicting that another extension is likelier than repeal in the short-term.

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