McDermottPlus Advocacy, Policy & Strategies & Consulting Services

McDermottPlus Health Advocacy, Policy, & Lobbying Strategies

When clients are faced with policy or regulatory changes that raise barriers to market entry, challenge business efficiency or viability, threaten to reduce rates of return for investments, or slow customer adoption of health items or services, McDermottPlus® develops data-driven policy alternatives and implements lobbying strategies that advance preferred solutions.

Key Offerings:

  • Formulate and implement objective-specific advocacy strategies to achieve client priorities grounded in deep knowledge of the relevant laws and regulations as well as the business and practical realities of the health care sector
  • Monitor congressional and administrative developments relevant to client priorities, and provide timely summaries and analyses of legislative and regulatory developments focusing on the impact on clients’ businesses
  • Prepare written and oral testimony, position papers and related advocacy materials
  • Design and draft legislation to achieve client objectives
  • Draft comment letters to respond to regulations
  • Arrange and lead client meetings with legislators, legislative staff, executive branch and agency officials