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Market Access

Successfully launching healthcare solutions in new markets requires deep understanding of the regulatory, reimbursement and business environment at hand. Our market access business solutions are rooted in experience and grounded in industry-specific knowledge and data to help you reduce complexity and minimize roadblocks. When clients are planning to launch in new markets — in the United States or on a global scale — the McDermottPlus team provides insight into key areas you must address, including but not limited to regulatory pathways and reimbursement models.

Key Offerings

  • Address regulatory and reimbursement concerns that can raise barriers to entry, challenge business efficiency or viability, threaten to reduce the rates of return for investments, and slow adoption of new products or service lines.
  • Opportunity and risk assessment to identify reimbursement challenges and provide business-minded solutions is critical when venturing into unchartered territory.
  • Market strategy development to help you move beyond your existing market, business sector or geography.