National Health Quality Roadmap Released

The Department of Health and human Services (HHS), Department of Defense (DoD) and Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has published the National Health Quality Roadmap. This new guidance is in response to President Trump’s Executive Order (EO), Improving Price and Quality Transparency in American Healthcare to Put Patients First. In this EO, the president directs the Secretaries of HHS, DoD, and the VA to develop and distribute a roadmap to establish common quality measures, align inpatient and outpatient measures, and eliminate low-value or counterproductive measures.

The Roadmap proposes three work streams, led by a transition team from HHS, to facilitate the transition to increased transparency in the US healthcare system:

  • Governance: Establish an enduring governance structure to provide ongoing program evaluation.
  • Data: Improve accessibility and availability of federal data sets related to healthcare quality; establish agreements to share data across federal programs; and solicit ideas on data infrastructure changes that would reduce provider reporting burden.
  • Measures: Identify opportunities to improve timeliness of feedback to providers and use broader and more generalizable datasets to provide a comprehensive view of quality performance.

While the Administration has pushed for greater transparency, due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the agencies announced a delay in the implementation timeline. Additional information can be found on the National Health Quality Roadmap webpage.



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