House Introduces Legislation to Increase Oversight of CMMI

On February 3, a bipartisan group of Representatives introduced the Strengthening Innovation in Medicare and Medicaid Act (H.R. 5741), a bill aimed at increasing transparency and accountability of the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation (CMMI).

CMMI currently has the ability to test payment models that waive Medicare and Medicaid requirements. This legislation was introduced to provide additional safeguards to ensure no administration implements a payment model that is politically driven and could be potentially harmful to patients. The bill proposes new requirements for CMMI to incorporate feedback from the public and other federal agencies in the development of payment models; increases oversight of CMMI with an expedited Congressional disapproval process; requires more stringent monitoring and data sharing of the impact of any model on access to care.

Additional information about the agency can be found on the CMMI website and additional information about the bill can be found in this press release.



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