Hospitals Bless ‘Doc Fix’ Deal, Approval Still Dicey

March 24, 2015


The House is pushing forward with plans to vote Thursday on a permanent repeal of Medicare’s loathed sustainable growth-rate [SGR] formula for paying doctors.  But the package still faces a multitude of political hurdles, most notably continuing opposition from Senate Democrats.


Eric Zimmerman, a principal with McDermott+Consulting, said the proposal is similar to other payment cuts that Congress has ginned up to pay for short-term doc fixes in the past. “We’ve seen lots of examples of Congress saying 0% update for these services or those services,” Zimmerman said. “This is a pretty classic turning the dial.” … [Regarding some notable provisions that didn’t end up in the package, … “All those still could be added,” Zimmerman said. “I don’t know if these numbers get them where they need to be.”

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