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Healthcare Preview for the Week of: October 2, 2023

What’s Next After Congress (Temporarily) Avoided a Shutdown?

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy put a continuing resolution (CR) on the House floor that funds the government at current levels, extends key otherwise-expiring healthcare programs through November 17 and provides additional disaster relief funding. The CR passed with the support of all but one Democrat in the House and was opposed by 90 Republican members. The Senate quickly agreed by an overwhelming 88–9 vote.

On the healthcare front, the CR extends several programs with expiring authorizations, including Community Health Centers, National Health Services Corps, Teaching Health Centers Graduate Medical Education Programs and the Special Diabetes Programs. The CR also delays a pending Medicaid disproportionate share hospital cut. Congress now has less than 45 days to consider and decide next steps for funding the government to prevent another shutdown possibility.

The House canceled its planned two-week October recess and is scheduled to continue considering appropriations bills this week. However, Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) has made clear his intention to file a motion to vacate the chair in an attempt to oust Speaker McCarthy as soon as today. Should he do so, that will supersede any other work the House may have considered pursuing. To remain speaker in that situation, McCarthy will need Democrats.

That’s the focus this week.

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