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Healthcare Preview for the Week of: May 20, 2024

It’s Almost Summer

Congress is in session this week, with the Senate in today and the House returning tomorrow. They will both be out next week for the Memorial Day recess break. As such, this will be a busy week in Congress, though once again not on healthcare on the floor of either body. Instead, there are a multitude of healthcare hearings focusing on a variety of topics.

Of note, the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions (HELP) Committee will have its hearing on Food is Medicine. This hearing likely will include a focus on nutrition and its connection to health-related social needs.

Additionally, the Senate Judiciary Committee will have a hearing on competition in the prescription drug market that will also focus on the cost of prescription drugs.

In the House, there will be a Budget Committee hearing focusing on “breaking up health care monopolies,” and the Ways and Means Health Subcommittee will hold a hearing focusing on the collapse of independent practice in healthcare.

The committee action this week represents significant work at the committee level and demonstrates that the committees are gearing up to move processes toward the lame-duck session after the election.

Today’s Podcast

Debbie Curtis and Rodney Whitlock join Julia Grabo to explore the concept of “show votes” in the House and Senate.