AACOM Engages McDermottPlus to Strengthen Osteopathic Voice on Capitol Hill

To further advance the association’s advocacy goals and policy priorities, the American Association of Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine (AACOM) has engaged the services of McDermott+Consulting LLC (McDermottPlus). McDermottPlus serves health industry clients with unmatched policy and lobbying skills supported by superior data analytics capabilities and is backed by one of the country’s strongest and most comprehensive health law practices. The McDermottPlus team features policy professionals, analysts and veterans of government agencies with specific and relevant industry, subject matter, stakeholder and policy experience.

“AACOM is excited to announce this partnership with McDermottPlus,” says AACOM Vice President of Government Relations David Bergman, JD. “As one of the Hill’s top lobbyists of 2021, McDermottPlus’ services will help us build upon the considerable policy successes we achieved last year for the osteopathic medical education community.”

“We are thrilled to partner with AACOM to advance healthcare policy on behalf of osteopathic medical schools, residents and physicians,” says McDermottPlus Vice President Mara McDermott. “Increasing awareness around the important issues impacting the osteopathic medical education community is critical and we look forward to working with AACOM and congressional lawmakers to create positive policy change.”

McDermottPlus will comprehensively support AACOM’s federal affairs needs in Washington, DC. Their consultants are deeply immersed in physician workforce issues and have extensive experience navigating the complex congressional appropriations process. McDermottPlus also brings a vast array of relationships that can be strategically leveraged to help AACOM and its member colleges advance their policy goals.