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McDermottPlus Check-Up: January 24, 2020

This Week’s Dose: It was a relatively quiet week in Washington with the House of Representatives in recess and the Senate enmeshed in the impeachment trial. Activity is sure to pick up as so...

McDermottPlus Check-Up: October 18, 2019

The Healthcare Preview podcast, now available on SoundCloud (link to profile here) This Week’s Dose: The House is moving ahead on Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s drug pricing proposal.

McDermottPlus Check-Up: September 20, 2019

This Week’s Dose: Speaker Pelosi released her long-awaited drug pricing bill, and the House Energy and Commerce Committee questioned drug companies’ financial motivations during a hearing ...

McDermottPlus Check-Up: September 6, 2019

The Recess Dose: With the August recess wrapping up, we are back at the McDermottPlus Weekly Check-Up. Here’s what you may have missed over the break. ...