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CMS Releases MLN Article to Assist with Determining Applicable Laboratory Status

CMS Holds Informational Call on PAMA Data Collection

On January 22, 2018 the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services held an informational Open Door Forum to discuss the 2019 PAMA Data Collection process and related requirements. Presentation materials are available here....

CMS Publishes CLIA User Fee Update

FDA Releases Draft Guidance and Announces Webinar on CLIA Waiver Applications

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has updated and released two draft guidance documents (here and here) that aim to help manufacturers of in vitro diagnostic (IVD) devices apply for and receive Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments ...

CMS releases April CLFS pricing file

CMS Releases Final CY 2018 Crosswalk and Gapfill Determinations

CMS instructs contractors to stop applying Automated Test Panel edits to claims effective January 1, 2018

CMS Instruction to Contractors to Report Claims Data for “Not-OtherwiseClassified” Lab Codes

OIG releases report on Medicare payments for Lab Tests

CMS solicitation of comments on 60 codes without reported data

CMS Presentation on Data Reporting Required by PAMA

Changing How Medicare Pays for Clinical Diagnostic Laboratory Tests: An Update on CMS’s Progress (OEI-09-16-00100)

Medicare Payments for Clinical Diagnostic Laboratory Tests in 2015: Year 2 of Baseline data (OEI-09-16-00040)

Shape the CPT® Proprietary Lab Analyses Code Set

Clinical Laboratory Payment System

Medicare Payments for Clinical Laboratory Tests in 2014: Baseline Data

Comparing Lab Test Payment Rates: Medicare Could Achieve Substantial Savings

Report on Variation in the Clinical Laboratory Fee Schedule