Recent Updates from the Innovation Center

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation recently posted several documents to their website.

Financial Alignment Initiative for Medicare-Medicaid Enrollees

The Financial Alignment Initiative is designed to provide individuals dually enrolled for Medicare and Medicaid with a better care experience and to better align the financial incentives of the Medicare and Medicaid programs. Through the Initiative, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) partners with states to test two new models for their effectiveness in accomplishing these goals. Multiple reports from participating states Colorado, Massachusetts and Texas were posted here.

Independence at Home Demonstration

Under the Independence at Home Demonstration, the CMS Innovation Center works with medical practices to test the effectiveness of delivering comprehensive primary care services at home and if doing so improves care for Medicare beneficiaries with multiple chronic conditions. Additionally, the Demonstration also rewards health care providers that provide high quality care while reducing costs. Year four evaluation reports with financial and quality results were released here.

Primary Care First Model Options

The Primary Care First (PCF) Model Options team hosted a series of four informational webinars about the PCF Model Options. Slides from these webinars, which covered the same material, have been posted here.


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