OIG Releases QPP Report: Concludes CMS has Made Progress in QPP Implementation but Challenges Remain

The Office of the Inspector General (OIG) recently released a follow-up report to a 2016 early implementation review of the Quality Payment Program (QPP). In 2016 the OIG identified two vulnerabilities:

  • Need for CMS to provide guidance and technical assistance to clinicians.
  • Need for CMS to develop IT systems to support data reporting, scoring and payment adjustment.

In this recent report, the OIG has concluded CMS has made progress towards implementing the QPP, but challenges remain. CMS appears on track to deploy the IT systems needed for data submission by January 1, 2018 but the OIG has identified two vulnerabilities that are critical for CMS to address in 2018 because of their potential impact on the program’s success:

  •  If clinicians do not receive sufficient technical assistance, they may struggle to succeed under the QPP or choose not to participate.
  •  If CMS does not develop and implement a comprehensive program integrity plan for the QPP, the program will be at greater risk of fraud and improper payments.

Report summary is available here.

Full report is available here.

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