MedPAC Discusses Draft Recommendation to Repeal MIPS

At the December 7, 2017, meeting of the Medicare Payment Advisory Commission (MedPAC), commissioners considered the following draft recommendation to repeal the Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS):

The Congress should eliminate the current Merit-based Incentive Payment System; and establish a new voluntary value program in fee-for-service Medicare in which:

  •  Clinicians can elect to be measured as part of the a voluntary group; and
  •  Clinicians in voluntary groups can qualify for a value payment based on their group’s performance on a set of population-based measures.

Under the proposed model all clinicians would have a portion of fee schedule payments withheld. Clinicians then could: elect to be measured with a large entity of clinicians and be eligible for a value payment, or elect to join an Advanced Alternative Payment Model and receive withhold back; or make no election and lose the withhold.

During the question and answer period, only one commissioner spoke out against the recommendation, while several others indicated support. MedPAC is scheduled to vote on this recommendation during their January 2018 public meeting, which will be held in mid-January.

As previously reported, MedPAC believes MIPS is not sustainable and that since CMS will begin making payment adjustments in 2019, action is needed immediately.

Presentation slides from the meeting are available here and more information on MedPAC is available on their website.

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