Innovation Center Posts Fifth Annual Report of State Initiative Models

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Innovation Center (Innovation Center) posted the fifth annual report of their State Initiative Models. The Innovation Center invested over $250 million in Round 1 Model Test awards to support six states (Arkansas, Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Oregon and Vermont) in implementing their State Health Care Innovation Plans. A State Health Care Innovation Plan is a proposal that describes a state’s strategy to use all of its available levers to transform its health care delivery system through multi-payer payment reform and other state-led initiatives.

The report found that by 2018, all states implemented alternative care delivery and payment models that offered primary care and behavioral health providers incentives to integrate care; the six states tested nine alternative payment and delivery models; and one payment model in Vermont yielded $97 million in Medicaid savings over three years relative to spending for an in-state comparison group.


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