Independence at Home Demonstration: Year Five Evaluation Report Posted

On March 2, 2020, CMS posted the evaluation report and a summary of the findings for Year Five of the Independence at Home (IAH) Demonstration. This model tests whether comprehensive primary care services delivered at home can reduce costs and improve care for Medicare beneficiaries with multiple chronic conditions. The Demonstration rewards providers that demonstrate high quality care while reducing costs.

According to the report, there is little evidence that the IAH Demonstration reduced Medicare spending or improved quality of care for beneficiaries with chronic illnesses over the first five years of the model. In Year Five, the payment incentive lowered Medicare expenditures, but these results were driven by one site that later stopped providing home-based primary care. The model reduced emergency department visits by 5% over the first five years of the model, but there was no significant reduction in hospital admissions during this time period.

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