Energy and Commerce Health Subcommittee Hearing to Review Regulatory Burdens that Impede Value-Based Arrangements

On September 13, 2018 at 1:15 pm, the Energy and Commerce Health Subcommittee will hold a hearing entitled “Examining Barriers to Expanding Innovative, Value-Based Care in Medicare.”  The hearing will look at ways to meaningfully evaluate and increase the use of Medicare value-based payment arrangements.

The witnesses are Dr. Nishant Anand, Chief Medical Officer, Adventist Health System; Ms. Mary Grealy, President, Healthcare Leadership Council; Dr. Timothy Peck, CEO, Call9; Mr. Morgan Reed, President, the App Association; Dr. Michael Robertson, Chief Medical Officer, Covenant Health Partners; and Dr. Michael Weinstein, President, Digestive Health Physicians Association.

Hearing materials are available here.


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