COVID-19 Activities and Actions Update

As part of the ongoing White House Coronavirus Task Force efforts, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and other agencies have issued several resource documents, refocused activities related to state survey agencies and accrediting organizations, and taken other related actions. Key updates from this past week include:

As required by the CARES Act, HHS announced new reporting guidelines for labs, non-labs or facilities that engage in point-of-care testing of with at-home specimen collection for COVID-19.

The CDC has published an initial dataset for funds distributed to providers for the reimbursement for the cost of COVID-19 treatment for uninsured patients; the agency has stated this dataset will be updated weekly on Thursdays.

CMS released additional information about requirements associated with implementing the new group of COVID-19 testis and provided guidance on alternate strategies for states to meet these requirements.

CMS announced additional survey requirements for states to provide oversight nursing homes. This decision is in response to the evaluation of the data nursing homes have reported to the CDC.

This FAQ document outlines the publicly available nursing home data and compliance survey results.

CMS published data from nursing homes detailing the current rates of COVID-19 infections and deaths among residents and staff. The dataset will be updated weekly with new data.

HHS and ASPR are providing an additional $250 million to health care systems to support treating patients during the pandemic; funds are intended to support hospitals and facilities to train the workforce and expand telemedicine and the use of virtual care.

An inventory of these documents and more is available here: McDermottPlus COVID Guidance Tracker.

CMS is documenting its COVID-19 activities on their Current Emergencies website.

Stay up-to-date on COVID-19 emerging issues through the McDermottPlus Coronavirus Resource Center or the McDermott, Will & Emery Coronavirus Resource Center.



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