CMS Opens MIPS Virtual Group Election Period

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) is accepting election notices from providers who want to participate in a MIPS virtual group for the 2020 performance year. The deadline to submit a notice is December 31, 2019.

A virtual group is formed by at least two taxpayer identification numbers (TINs) consisting of solo providers with a unique TIN or a small group of clinicians represented by one TIN. One physician in the entire virtual group must be a MIPS qualifying clinician. The virtual group is required to maintain these requirements throughout the entire performance year.

Virtual groups permit solo providers to participate in additional performance scoring for possible higher payment adjustments. Providers who participate in MIPS as an individual and as a group can use the higher of the two scores across the performance categories for payment adjustment.

More information about virtual groups can be found here. The 2020 Virtual Groups Toolkit is available in the QPP Resource Center.


For more information visit the McDermottPlus Payment Innovation Resource Center or contact Sheila Madhani at 202-204-1459 or