CMS Begins Distribution of 2019 Advanced APM Bonuses

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) announced that they have begun distribution of the 2019 Advanced Alternative Payment Model (APM) bonuses. The Advanced APM pathway of the CMS Quality Payment Program lets clinicians earn rewards for taking on financial risk.

Clinicians are eligible for bonus payments in 2019 and are considered qualified participants (QPs) if they satisfactorily participated in an Advanced APM during calendar year 2017; AND provided professional services through the Advanced APM to 20% of their patients; OR received 25% of their payments for professional services through an Advanced APM.

The bonus payments will be equal to 5% of their 2018 estimated aggregate payment amounts for Medicare Part B covered professional services furnished by the QP across all of their TIN/NPI combinations.

CMS has released the 2019 APM Incentive Payment Fact Sheet which describes how incentive payments are determined, how eligible clinicians receive an APM incentive payment in 2019 and answers frequently asked questions.

More information about the QPP can be found here.


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