Senate HELP Committee Releases Bipartisan Bill to Stabilize Markets

The proposed bill includes authorization of CSRs for an additional two years, expanded availability of catastrophic coverage plans, funding for exchange plan enrollment outreach and a potential regulatory pathway for allowing issuers to offer a plan in more than one state.  It also updates the existing 1332 waiver provision to allow states additional flexibility in applying ACA-mandated plan requirements and establishes an expedited consideration process for state waiver applications.

While the Alexander-Murray agreement represents a significant step forward towards stabilizing insurances markets under the ACA, it is unclear if or when the draft legislation could be considered by the full Senate and the House.   It will be important to monitor the reaction to the bill amongst policymakers and stakeholders to determine if the bill is able to generate enough momentum to move forward but President Trump did indicate in recent remarks that he may be willing to sign a short-term stabilization package passed by Congress.