Governors Weigh-in on Graham-Cassidy Healthcare Proposal

As the U.S. Senate considers the recently released health reform legislation drafted by Sens. Graham, Cassidy, Heller and Johnson, state governors weighed in with differing opinions on the bill.

Under the proposal, the Affordable Care Act (ACA)’s insurance coverage expansion through the exchange markets and Medicaid would be replaced by state block grants.  The block grants are funded through 2026 using a formula that would significantly redistribute the current allocation of federal funds between states and the Medicaid program would move towards a capitated payment methodology that is expected to dramatically reduce the amount of federal funding for the program.

In separate letters sent to Senate leaders this week, a bipartisan group of 10 governors, led by Govs. Hickenlooper and Kasich, voiced strong opposition to the GCHJ plan while a group of 15 Republican governors weighed in with support for the bill’s embrace of “adequately funded block grants to the states.”  Both letters can be found here in our Resource Center:

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