DateJanuary 23, 2017
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Health Reform 2.0

Resource Center

The new Administration and Republican Congress have prioritized ACA repeal/replace and Medicare and Medicaid reforms as early health policy objectives. Now that President Trump has taken office, McDermottPlus is re-launching its Transition Resource Center as the Health Reform 2.0 Resource Center -  to provide a one stop shop for health policy-focused content related to these endeavors.

President Donald Trump and the new Congress are expected to pursue significant health care policy changes in 2017. From the outright repeal of the Affordable Care Act to reforming Medicare and Medicaid, 2017 could be a period of big change for the health care community.

McDermottPlus has assembled this website to provide easy access to documents and other materials that will help educate and prepare clients for these anticipated changes.

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Download the resource center here.

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